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Aerial Photography in North Carolina

Professional Drone Photography, Based in Hickory, NC

Aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular for businesses across South and North Carolina. Throughout the two states, businesses are beginning to utilize drone technology to portray themselves in ways they have never been able to. Make sure your business is staying up-to-date and turn to Full Metal Visual for expert aerial and drone photography services. Based in Hickory, NC, we provide aerial photography services within the cities of Charlotte, Greensboro & Winston-Salem, NC as well as Greenville, SC and all surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Aerial Photography with a Drone

Drones have changed the photography industry. Today’s state-of-the-art drones allow experienced pilots to capture stunning aerial photographs which would have been unobtainable in prior years. The reason is because of the flexibility that a drone offers. While aerial photography was previously possible using airplanes or helicopters, drones can fly through very small areas where other aircraft cannot. Not to mention, hiring a licensed pilot with a drone is far less of an expense. 

It is important to hire an experienced pilot when investing in aerial and drone photography services. At Full Metal Visual, our pilot is FAA licensed and holds an NC DOT Operator Permit. We also have proven experience, as evident by the work displayed throughout the website. If you are interested in drone photography services for your North Carolina or South Carolina business, turn to Full Metal Visual.

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